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'Dog's Most Wanted' a Family Affair

Gettyimages | Angela Weiss

Leland Chapman, Duane Chapman's son, is proving to be a big draw on the family show "Dog's Most Wanted."

Doing Double Duty

Leland Chapman also has a business in Alabama as a bail bondsman, but fans are more than happy that he's working with the family too on "Dog's Most Wanted."

Before Wednesday's new episode, the show's social media account sent out the message "Like father like son."

Fans Welcome Leland With Open Arms

"Glad he’s back he was definitely missed. I know Dog needs him more then ever now .continued prayers for all," wrote @angelaaskew.

"Love love love you Leland. #getem," said otterette35.

"Can’t wait to see Leland !we love you Most Dog !" wrote @christine5857, adding flower and blue heart emojis.

Leland's a Tough Cookie

Leland takes a licking and keeps on ticking: In July, he suffered a torn ACL and spent time in the hospital after apprehending a suspect on a chase in Adams County, Colorado.

He explained the story to "Entertainment Tonight":

“I was just getting that healed. Just came out of rehab and everything, so I'm trying to take it easy...I'm trying not to get in no fights and not running."

“Two minutes before we get [to the manhunt location] they say the guy is gonna run, so we pull up on the guy. I get out of the car. I walked right to the side. I see him. He's running, so I call the runner to try to go catch him, but he slipped and fell."

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