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Lee Daniels Buys His Tiny Dog A Coyote Vest: 'That's What Happens When You're On Quarantine'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lee Daniels is going crazy while on self-quarantine... in a very practical sort of way.

The big-time producer revealed that he is making sure his family is safe during the Coronavirus concerns and that includes his adorable pooch. Daniels shared a video on Tuesday that featured his dog's chic new coat. The fashionable dog jacket was bright yellow (for visibility) and had large spikes covering the tiny animals back and neck.

"Do y'all remember that coyote that I posted not long ago?" Daniels asked his fans on IG. "Anyway, we got the dog a coyote vest. That's what happens when you're on quarantine and you ain't got s**t else to do!"

Keep scrolling to watch the cute pooch's reaction.

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Not On His Watch!


Lee also shared a video from earlier this month when a coyote jumped his fence and ran through his backyard looking for food. Well, the proud fur daddy will not stand by and wait for his coyote friend to come back and make a snack out of his pet.

"Mr. Jiggs will NOT be eaten 💀☠️💀☠️ that coyote was looking for food in my backyard 👀," he captioned his post.

Many of Lee's followers joked and praised the star for his impulse buy.

"If this quarantine lasts any longer mr. jiggs won’t need to be worried about coyotes if u know what I mean ...👀," on fan joked.

"You also need an air horn to scare the coyote out of there," a second fan suggested, while a third said, "😂😂😂😂😂 He is ready for war."

He's Making His Own Hand Sanitizer


Desperate times call for desperate measures! Lee may actually have too much time on his hands because he shared a video where he was making his own hand sanitizer one day before his coyote vest impulse buy. It's worth mentioning that Daniels had made a pretty good chunk of change in the entertainment industry but, like all of us, he is afraid of running out of that precious alcohol-based liquid.

"Round two of making the hand sanitizer gel, " Lee said in his video. We're gonna make our homemade Purell."

We are not too sure about his background but maybe you should watch a few other YouTube videos about making your own before you go all chemist at home.

What will he do next?

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