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This Lebanese Pop Star Is Begging The 'Botched' Drs. To Fix His 'Baklava' Looking Nose

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By Jeff Mazzeo

"Botched" doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow have their work cut out for them on the newest episode of the hit show.

This time they will see if they can fix Lebanese pop star, Sammy's nose and change it from looking like a "baklava" according to his description. The poor man just wants his "nose back."

"It's a short nose. I don't have a bridge," Sammy told the "Botched" cameras. "The nostrils are very small, it's not aesthetically pleasing."

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How Did His Nose Get Like This?

E! Entertainment

Sammy explained that after he became an overnight success in music, he went back to Lebanon for a vacation and he suffered a bad accident when he was 25-years-old.

He was very vague about his accident but he said his face was "smashed into a wall." When Sammy consulted a plastic surgeon, the doctor said that he had to re-break the pop star's nose to straighten it. The surgeon also suggested inserting Gore-tex in his nose to build out the bridge.

"A week later, when he removed the plaster," Sammy explained, "I had a beautiful, gorgeous nose."

But that was just the start of his journey and the beginning of his four nose jobs before appearing on "Botched."

His Nose Takes A Turn For The Worse

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Sammy described a time where everything was perfect with his nose until he went to a get his nose hairs waxed.

"I went to the beautician, she actually like pulls the wax out. It was beyond painful," Sammy continued. "Days later, I started seeing something protruding out of my nose. It was the Gore-Tex."

His nose got infected and he said that is what caused him to go under the knife again. He was not pleased with the results of nose job number two.

"I was horrified. I looked deformed," he said.

Sammy admitted that his nose "got worse and worse and worse" and that he ended up getting four surgeries in total.

The singer tried to get his fifth rhinoplasty in 2008 and the doctor told him that "he couldn't do anything,"

Without anyone else to turn to, he is now seeking the help of Doctors Nassif and Dubrow.

There Is Only So Much They Can Do

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On last week's episode, the doctors were also faced with a difficult nose job story. BTS superfan, Oliver was not satisfied with the numerous surgeries that transformed him into a K-Pop star.

Oliver admitted to having spent over $250,000 on several plastic surgeries to achieve the "smallest Korean nose possible," and to complete his dream of looking like Jimin from BTS.

Dr. Nassif eventually told the superfan that they could not do another surgery due to the extensive work he already had.

"So, even if I wanted to, you can't make this smaller. Because, there's no cartilage there. It's gone," Dr. Nassif told Oliver. "Your nose is already as close as possible. You're done."

Thankfully, Oliver took the doctor's advice.

"I'm terrified about what you said, actually. Like, about my nose falling off or going black," he said. "I'd rather have a big nose than no nose."

However, last week's episode did feature a feel-good story when Nassif and Dubrow were able to help a mother deal with a potential unsolvable case.

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