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IG Fitness Model Lauren Drain Hits Vegas for Pregnancy Celebration

The D Casino
By Gary Trock

Instagram fitness star Lauren Drain had a different trip to Las Vegas this time around ... because she's pregnant!

The model and former member of the Westboro Baptist Church recently announced she is pregnant with a baby girl, and headed to Sin City with her husband to celebrate the big news.

Drain brought her mother-in-law and fellow IG fitness model, Laura Ivette, and the crew stopped by for dinner at Andiamo Steakhouse inside the D Casino in Downtown Las Vegas.

The D Casino

We're told the group dined on some of Andiamo's signature dishes and desserts before taking the D Casino's stretch limo around town for a night of pregnancy-safe partying.

Drain is insanely popular on Instagram, where she has almost 4 million followers, but she is also a N.Y. Times Bestselling author.


33-year-old Drain wrote a book titled, "Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church," which chronicled her life in the controversial cult and eventual expulsion from the organization for questioning their hate-filled ideologies.

When she left, she was sent to a motel room with a suitcase and forbidden from communicating with her siblings or parents.

Since then, Drain has not only become a registered nurse and certified trainer, but built a fitness empire on Instagram.


When announcing the baby news, Drain wrote to her fans, "We're extremely excited & I’m definitely a little nervous to announce that a little Kagan Piggy/Gummy Bear is on its way come early 2020!"

Congrats, fit mama!

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