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Larsa Pippen Shares Sage Advice In Yellow String Bikini About How To 'Be Satisfied'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Larsa Pippen may have just solved the secret to being happy!

The 45-year-old fitness guru proved that she is wise beyond her years on Wednesday. Larsa shared a stunning selfie that featured an all-knowing gaze and a yellow string bikini top while dishing out some wisdom to her millions of fans. The influencer's straight brunette hair was pulled back in a loose pony as she playfully ran her fingers through it. Beautiful, yes... but it was her intellectual captioned that ratted her follower's state of mind.

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Look, Listen, And Learn


Pippen stared into the camera with her piercing eyes and mysterious grin.

"The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what u have," she wisely captioned her smoking hot selfie.

The sage advice gave her followers something to think about and they let her know that they understood her meaning.

"Amen," one fan agreed, while another said, "You are a great woman 🙏."

One specific fan decided to elaborate on Larsa's happiness thought and wrote, "And if you’re not, go out and work for what you want 👏🏼👏🏼."

She's All About Auras And Energy


It's no secret that Larsa is big on auras and has often mentioned the vibes/energy she wants to put out into the world. Earlier this week, she confirmed her 100% faith in her feelings about different people.

"A person's energy and the aura they give off never lies," Pippen captioned her stunning selfie on Monday.

One of the ways she achieves her aura goals is with her outfits. There is no doubt that the right look can affect others but most importantly, it can have an effect on oneself.

Yellow Is The Color Of Her Energy


It seems like the color yellow gets her to think deeply and raise her consciousness to another level. In addition to her yellow string bikini, she is the proud owner of a skintight, yellow bodysuit. The color must cause some self-introspection because when she shared the outfit back in December, her caption was filled with positive affirmations.

"I’m always positive, I always believe the best in everyone maybe to fault but I’m still learning," she wrote at the time.

Positive Attitude + Hard Work = Results


As many of you know, Larsa is still celebrating the launch of her new fitness empire. The star shares her workouts and dieting tips with participants of her program. She often shares her post-workout pics to inspire and flaunt her results... and you definitely cannot argue with her results!

"My body has completely changed since the beginning and yours can too 💪🏼 let’s get fit together!!" Pippen wrote when her website, first launched a few months ago.

It's also pretty cool that we get to see her awesome kitchen too!

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