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Larsa Pippen Reveals Utah Jazz Fans Threw Things At Scottie & Her While Reminiscing About 'The Last Dance'

By Jeff Mazzeo

If you are trying to determine who the worst NBA fans are, perhaps it's best to ask the player's wives.

Larsa Pippen opened up about her experience during the 1997 NBA Finals where the Chicago Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz 4-2 in a 7 game series. Her revelation about how Scottie Pippen and she were treated came as she watched the last episode of the ESPN documentary, "The Last Dance" on Sunday.

We now know that she would cast her vote for the Jazz fans if there was a who has the worst fans contest.

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They Threw Things At Her


While the documentary had pretty comprehensive coverage of all the intricacies and memories from the players, it was interesting to get another perspective. The main battle was happening on the court but Larsa was dealing with her own battles in the stands.

"The craziest fans I've ever seen. They were throwing things at us. Utah fans were horrible during this series," Larsa wrote while sharing a clip on her IG story.

"We literally got into fights in the stands," she exclaimed.

She made sure to use "#beastmode" when they showed Scottie doing his thing.

Lashing Out At Fans About Scottie


For those not in the know, Scottie and Larsa are separated and are still working out their divorce settlement but she has become a very popular model and influencer on Instagram.

A harmless caption gone awry turned her sultry selfie into a hotbed of arguing about her past and current relationship with Scottie and one troll struck a nerve.

"Find someone who’ll put u first!! 🎶," Larsa wrote in the caption of her selfie.

"That's what scottie did smh," a troll said, "he was loyal to you no? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you do adultery first?"

That remark prompted a digital outburst from the star.

"stop tripping dude u don’t know what you’re talking about. I held him down and still do. Just bc I don’t air his dirty laundry doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink I just don’t wanna do his laundry anymore," Larsa quickly replied.

Her New Fitness Empire


The hot influencer just launched her new fitness empire last week when her website went live with her workout routines, meals, and blog.

"I’ve been working on my fitness program and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally live!" the beautiful model exclaimed.

"My body has completely changed since the beginning and yours can too 💪🏼 let’s get fit together!!"

She made sure to give credit to Scottie and her parents for inspiring her to be very health conscious.

"I married a legendary professional athlete and we raised four athletic and active kids that has only served to deepen my appreciation and understanding of what it means to be fit and how to achieve that," Larsa's website bio reads.

."I want to share the fitness and strengthening routines and methods I have learned and employed that the busiest of you can do at home."

It's Not Only About Looks


Life is all about balance and she made sure to note how she is focused on her mental health as well as her physical fitness.

"Working on my interior as much as my exterior 😘," she captioned her recent pic.

If her interior is as beautiful as her exterior then sign us up for life coach lessons as well as her fitness routine.

If we want to talk about beautiful interiors, let's talk about her bedroom... don't get us started on her kitchen.

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