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Larsa Pippen Hangs Out In Cut Off Jean Short Shorts, Aura On Full Effect

By Jeff Mazzeo

Larsa Pippen is a big believer in energy and knows that sometimes you have to trust your gut.

The fitness guru flaunted her incredible... fashion sense on Monday with a sultry mirror selfie. Larsa put together a cute outfit by Pretty Little Thing (she's a huge fan) that featured an oversized, beige sweatshirt and a tiny pair of cut off jean shorts. Her pockets were clearly visible as they hung out of the tight short shorts. Her snap was definitely giving off positive vibes, and that's what she spoke about in the comments.

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Feel The Energy


"A person's energy and the aura they give off never lies," Pippen captioned her stunning selfie.

Larsa is big on auras and has often mentioned the vibes/energy she wants to put out into the world and surround herself with. One of the ways she achieves her aura goals is with her outfits. There is no doubt that the right look can affect others but most importantly, it can have an effect on oneself.

"I’m always positive, I always believe the best in everyone maybe to fault but I’m still learning," she captioned a post where yellow was the color of her energy and outfit.

She's Beach Ready


There is no one more pleased that the warm weather is finally here than the 45-year-old influencer. That's because she can finally hit the beach in some cute suits. Larsa shared a picture from her happy place which just so happens to be under the sun and in the sand.

"Sky above, sand below, peace within. ..." she captioned a throwback bikini pic.

She has been stuck modeling her swimsuits in her backyard but perhaps now that the beaches in Los Angeles are open, she can get back to doing the things she loves.

Family First Than Fitness


If you follow Larsa on social media, you know that she is all about family but fitness is a close second. She announced her new workout program earlier this month after years of questions from fans about how she keeps in tip-top shape.

"I’ve been working on my fitness program and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally live!" the beautiful model exclaimed.

"My body has completely changed since the beginning and yours can too 💪🏼 let’s get fit together!!"

In her website's bio, she credits her health-conscious parents and her ex, Scottie Pippen for helping instill her fitness values.

All About Positive Vibes


Larsa, once again, reminded her fans that she is all about positive vibes and energy by sharing a selfie video that featured her cute pooch.

"Catching a vibe w Coco," he captioned her Saturday selfie.

Coco is a big part of her life and often makes cameos on her feed. When she is putting that hard work in the stay in shape, the doggie can often be found lounging next to the hard-working star. Dogs are always good vibes!

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