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Larry King's Son Sets the Record Straight: 'I Love My Parents'

By Gary Trock

Larry King's son is throwing in his 2 cents on the breakup between his parents, and making it clear he loves and supports both of them.

19-year-old Cannon King took to Instagram in a lengthy rant about his parents, Larry and Shawn, after the talk show host filed for divorce.

"I love my parents SO, SO much, Cannon wrote.

He added,

"They have had a great influence on my life and I’m so thankful for each of them. We will always be family no matter what. They both deserve to be happy and that is my biggest wish.

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Cannon addressed his anxiety, and how it has been playing a role in the family's ongoing drama, explaining "Not many people at all know what I go through personally. Anxiety has played a huge role in my life for a while now... It continues to try and break me down. I’ve learned though, that I am in control of what I can control."

He wrote, "I also know that I’m stronger than any anxiety I might be diagnosed with. I have no control about what someone says in the media about me."

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Cannon is responding to reports that he and his brother, Chance, "begged" their father to file for divorce ... calling the gossip piece completely B.S.

"I CAN say that what was said about my “begging/urging my dad to do something” is completely false. It hurts my heart to think that anyone might think that about me or my brother," he wrote.

The King's son then gave a shoutout to each of his parents, showing that he supports them both equally.


"Mom, you continue to show me how to be a strong, diligent, and faithful young man! I love you with all my heart," he wrote.

To Larry, Cannon explained, "Dad, you are SO strong and you also continue to teach me how to grow and become the man I know I can become."

The 19-year-old ended his comments with an interesting twist, eluding that mistakes were made in the nearly 22-year marriage between his parents.

"Everyone makes mistakes," he wrote, adding, "Doing our best to FORGIVE can and WILL resolve so much tension in any situation."

The Blast first reported the story, Larry pulled the trigger on the former couple's marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

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