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Gaga Fell Off the Stage But Was OK

Lady Gaga had a fall off the stage while dancing with a fan on Thursday night in Las Vegas, but she got right back on her feet, later taking a massive ice bath to ease the pain.

It all began when Gaga invited someone named Jack onto the stage. But when she attempted to jump into his arms, they both fell off the stage. They were then helped up by security, but there was one more problem.

"Everything's OK. The only thing that's not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up," said Gaga.

Cooling Down

She posted a photo where she appears as if she's in agony while surrounded by chunks of ice.

"Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20. #rocknroll #enigma #gaga #gagavegas #vegas."

She also shared a pic of herself wearing a compression suit filled with ice packs, the last step in her post-concert stage-fall routine.

Battle Star Galactica

She also recently shared a photo of her getting out of the pool wearing goggles and a bright pink suit before taking the stage.

"Pre-show routine: Hard workout and then Galactic Laps. GagaPhelps."

She even strikes a pose when stepping out of a pool. She has no limits.

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