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Some people might not know it, but Lady Gaga has been peddling her own makeup line since September.

It's called Haus Laboratories, and after a preorder period, it went live on Amazon on Sept. 19. It first only offered limited items like lip gloss, powder and liquid eyeliner.

But once people clued in to the line and started talking positively about it, Haus Laboratories expanded.

Gaga says the makeup is about "liberation," and is meant to help people see the beauty in themselves.

High Drama With a Kick of Gaga

Since the colors and products are influenced directly by Mother Monster, there's a lot of glitz, glamour and drama.

What's been getting high marks is the Glam Attack liquid shadow, the RIP lip liner, and an "Eye Armor" kit. The "Eye Armor Kit" even has stickers so you can get that cat-eye look with ease.

Ordering Online Has Some Drawbacks

Some people are not all that happy with the line, but some of that is not due to the colors -- it's due to the fact that you can only get it online.

Online shopping is great -- you don't have to leave your house, you can shop in your pajamas, and you can pick from almost any website you want.

Online shopping is not that great, however, when you have to try things on. Normally when people buy makeup, they like to test it out -- swipe on some eye shadow, slick some color on the bottom lip, compare mascara thickness....

But you can't try on Haus Laboratories before you buy it, which means you better hope your computer screen stays true to the makeup's colors or you may be sorely disappointed.

Glitter Is Glamour Is Gaga

Some have also said Haus Laboratories has too much glitter in its line, but really, how is that possible? In addition, fans have reported that some of the colors aren't the greatest on them, but that just means they need to try some other colors.

But above all else, the online exclusivity of Haus Laboratories is proving to be the biggest obstacle to the success of Gaga's makeup line, especially when you can't return things if it's been opened. That makes sense health-wise, but still an unfortunate side effect of buying it.

Fans Weigh In


A reddit page has collected thoughts and criticisms on Haus.

xx-kittycat-xx wrote: "I was initially excited and was planning on pre-ordering stuff today. But after seeing the entire line, it was very underwhelming and nothing wowed me. They also have a VERY poor return policy (all makeup must be unopened and unused to return, yet there's no way to try it on in a store). I just don't see how the line can compete with the other dozens of other brands."

Maybe with enough online feedback we'll see some Gaga on a Macy's makeup counter soon.

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