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Lady Gaga Hits Bachelorette Party After Tumbling Off Vegas Stage

By Whitney Vasquez

Nothing can keep Lady Gaga from missing her best friend's bachelorette party, not even a giant fall off the stage.

The "Shallow" singer strapped on her big girl panties hours after the embarrassing tumble that forced her to get an x-ray just to make sure she didn't break any bones on Friday night.

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Bridesmaid Duties!


A pink-haired Gaga struck a pose holding up a bridesmaid party prop during her bff's bachelorette celebration.

She declared she was in "a lot of pain but I couldn't miss my bestfriends [sic] bachelorette dinner."

The Bride!


The bride is Gaga's makeup artist, Sarah Nicole Tanno.

Posing for a snap alongside the superstar, Gaga made sure fans knew while Sarah's taken, the singer is very much single.

"An about to be married woman and me, a single lady," she captioned the shot.

FYI -- Gaga's been engaged twice, but famously called them both off.



The "Star is Born" actress hit the ground so hard during Thursday's Vegas show that she had to get x-rays on her whole body.

Sharing her healthy report, Gaga posted a playful snap showcasing her bones are still intact.

"When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body...Just Dance. Gonna be ok," she shared before heading to the bachelorette party.

That Brutal Fall

Giphy | Music Choice

Her fall made headlines after a fan picked her up during her residency and they both plummeted to the ground below.

Gaga declared she was okay after dusting herself off but the fall was captured by several people at the show and it looked pretty gnarly.

Could you imagine being the guy who dropped Lady Gaga?!

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