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There's going to be a sequel to 'Labyrinth,' which starred David Bowie.

New Details On 'Labyrinth' Sequel; Bowie Fans Upset

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By Emily Reily

There's been some breaking news for Labyrinth fans: There will be a sequel, and it will be directed by Scott Derrickson, who originally passed on directing Dr. Strange 2 in light of creative differences.

According to Deadline, Maggie Levin, who wrote and directed "Into the Dark: My Valentine" on Hulu, will write the script.

Rolling Stone adds that Jim Henson's daughter, Lisa Henson, of the Jim Henson Company, will produce it. Jim Henson's son Brian will be executive producer.

“Think I’ll write a screenplay today,” Levin joked on Twitter earlier today.

'Labyrinth' fans may not be too excited about a sequel.
Twitter / Deadline

Jim Henson directed the original Labyrinth in 1986, which was four years after The Dark Crystal, for which George Lucas was executive producer.

The movie, now a cult classic, starred Jennifer Connolly when she was a teen. In the movie, Connolly had to rescue her younger brother from Jareth the Goblin King, who was played by none other than the late David Bowie.

Bowie talked to Bravo about the role back in 1987, saying, “I loved the magic, the mystery. Jim Henson, George Lucas and I knew from the beginning I would play Jareth.”

David Bowie brought Jareth to life.
Twitter / Netflix

The news that there would be a sequel to Labyrinth without David Bowie (who died in January, 2016) has come as a shock to many diehards -- "Labyrinth" was trending on Twitter as people began to hear the latest.

@LBardugo tweeted: "There is no Labyrinth without Bowie."

@itsrainingshrek tweeted: "Labyrinth does NOT need a sequel! Y’all don’t need to fix things that aren’t broken! Like labyrinth with out the goblin king that is David Bowie IS NOT labyrinth!!!"

Like it or not, a 'Labyrinth' sequel is coming.

In an archived interview, Henson said casting David Bowie in a fantasy film like Labyrinth was the perfect fit.

“Since we knew from the beginning that he was going to have to sing, we then thought it would be fun to bring rock music into a fantasy film, and the choice was easy: David is one of the best, if not the best, singer/actor of the moment, and he had the advantage of being able to be seductive, threatening, [and] scary.”


Some were happy to hear about the a sequel. @JWCM was just glad other writers were supporting the project.

"I’m thrilled by the #Labyrinth news but even happier with the outpouring of love from the #WritingCommnunity for @scottderrickson, @MaggieLevin and @Massawyr," referring to C. Robert Cargill, who is also executive producing with Derrickson.

Today, Cargill tweeted: "This all has to be a simulation. This can't be what I really get to do for a living, right?"

So let's stay positive and remember that everyone involved in this project wants to do justice to the much-loved Labyrinth.

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