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Kylie Jenner Threw Stormi The Party Of The Decade For Her 2nd Birthday

By Jeff Mazzeo

Don't even try to compete with Kylie Jenner because the party she through for Stormi's 2nd birthday is one for the ages!

The hot mama showed off her toddler's amazing party on her Instagram and there is no doubt that baby Stormi's shindig will be the talk of the town for a long time... or at least until she turns 3. Jenner spared no expense for the small get together that was fashioned after daddy, Travis Scott's "Astroworld" album.

When you are a KarJenner, your fantasies literally come to life! Stormi's toddled right into her favorite movies with the help of mommy's money. Well, Kylie did just release the Stormi Collection makeup so the little tyke seems to be earning her keep already.

Keep scrolling to see Trolls World, Frozen World, and Stormi World... they are out of this world!!!

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Trolls World


For those who do not follow Kylie's life as close as we do (we need to get a life), Stormi is obsessed with the movie, "Trolls." So much so that daddy surprised Stormi with a lifesize version of the character Poppy for Christmas. Well, Poppy found her way to Stormi's party and she brought her friend, Branch to entertain the 2-year-old. Oh yeah, they had a replica of the tree all the trolls call home! Keep scrolling because the party is just getting started.

Frozen World


Hell yeah, we want to build a snowman!!! Stormi, like most kids, loves the movie, "Frozen." So mommy enlisted the help of Olaf to make her chilly dream come true. In addition to the make your own snowman snowglobe station, there was furniture LITERALLY MADE OF ICE! The "Frozen World" was a winter wonderland and yeah, we are super jealous but we can only imagine how cold your butt gets when you are lounging in the ice chairs.

Stormi World


But wait, there's more! What 2-year-old's birthday would be complete without a full theme park dedicated to them? Stormi walked into a daddy's "Atroworld" theme park but instead of Travis' face everywhere, it was baby Stormi's.

There were rides, merch, and cakes, oh my! Perhaps the extent mommy went to make this party awesome was lost on baby Stormi but it wasn't on us. At least it will make a great episode for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

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