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Kylie Jenner and BFF Stassie Throw Out of Sight Party After Double Teaming LASIK Surgery

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kylie Jenner and her best friend, Anastasia (Stassie) Karanikolaou, just got a lot more in-sight-ful because they improved their vision by getting LASIK eye surgery.

What do you do if you just got LASIK? You throw a raging party to celebrate a successful surgery, of course.

Stassie shared a lengthy vlog detailing Kylie and her surgery adventure to her YouTube channel that ends in an eyesight fiesta.

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YouTube/ Anastasia Karanikolaou

Kylie's BFF showed some quick shots of her prepping and receiving the eye-watering procedure and captured the 'KUWTK' star receiving after her surgery.

"We just finished our surgery," Stassie said while panning over to Kylie.

"How do you feel?" Kylie was asked but she remained silent and looked comatose while recovering from the procedure.

"I'm feeling a little loopy," Stassie exclaimed.

No word if they got a two for one special from the eye doctor but Stassie claims that Kylie and she now have 20-15 vision.

YouTube/ Anastasia Karanikolaou

After their eye surgery schedule clears up, they decided to throw a party for their "birthday of sight."

The girls filmed themselves having fun on the way to the party and you can hear Kylie scream in the background, "My sight has been born!"

The party appeared to be fun and Stassie showed off their outfits which feature eyes.

We see you Stassie and Kylie but we still do not see Jordyn Woods.

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