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Kylie Jenner May or May Not Have Dyed Her Hair

By TheBlast Staff

Everything with Kylie Jenner is shrouded in mystery. Don't ask us why, it just is.

First, the "is she or isn't she pregnant?" question, then the "JW" ring enigma, and, of course, her cryptic teaser posts before dropping the Weather Collection. Now we have ... did she or did she not dye her hair blonde?!

Kylie posted a photo Monday on Instagram wearing a bathrobe and featuring long locks of cascading blonde hair. She captioned the pic, "i think i was meant to be blonde ?."

Whether or not she was *meant* to be blonde is debatable, but why is the question of whether or not she IS blonde also debatable?

Is it dyed?

Is it a wig?

Is it an old photo?

Should we dye our hair blonde?

Why do we care?

Who even are we?

What is the meaning of life?

Where's the Advil?

At least you can answer this one question ...

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