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Kylie Jenner Calls Stormi 'My Forever' In Adorable Classy Grassy Pic

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kylie Jenner never ceases to amaze us, but this time we were impressed by her adorable daughter and her fantastic grass!

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star shared several photos on Wednesday but the one that featured her 2-year-old daughter, Stormi grabbed our attention the most. Jenner wore a white, form-fitting dress with a green, floor-length trench coat. Stormi wore a toothy grin as she sat on mommy's hip.

"my forever," Kylie cutely captioned her post.

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Green Is The Color Of Her Energy


Of course, her millions of fans and her big sister, Khloe Kardashian, gushed about how cute the toddler is. "Omg her smile," Koko commented.

The photo itself was a thing of beauty because of all the different and brilliant greens. "What a beautiful picture. 💙💙💙" one fan noted, but another brought up how Kylie's outfit was just a little impractical.

"It’s hot af in LA what’s up with that coat 😂," the follower joked.

Where not sure "what's up" with her coat but she is definitely working it! BTW major shout out to her gardeners. Her hedges and lawn look pristine! Are those grass steps?!

New Hair, Who Dis?


Stormi got to try out a new hairstyle earlier this month, and mommy seems to be keeping it around for a while based on the new snap. Mommy proudly showed off her handiwork after she snapped a few cute pics of the little one's new 'do.

"tried a new hairstyle on my baby today 😫😍♥️💜," Jenner wrote at the time.

We have seen the little tyke rocking a top knot, curly locks, a side bun, and many other hairstyles but this time mom pulled her hair back into a little bun in the back of her head and used clips on the side.

Stormi Doesn't Like To Leave Mommy's Parties


Stormi and Kylie have an amazing relationship. In fact, the 2-year-old loves spending time with mommy and her friends so much, that she never wants to go to bed. This became clear a few months ago after Jenner bought her new multi-million dollar house and Stormi threw a playful temper tantrum when it was time to go to sleep.

"I'm taking you home!" Kylie jokingly exclaimed before Stormi erupted, "No! Let go of me!"

The funny video prompted her fans to make a meme out of Stormi's behavior.

"US out the party***** 😂😂😂," Kylie's BFF, Stassie wrote.

"Lmao that’s how u guys gonna have to drag me! When I’m normally the first to leave 😂," a follower wrote.

Teaching Stormi Patience


How could Kylie not resist tempting Stormi with the viral candy challenge that circulated on the internet? She set a huge bowl of chocolates in front of the youngster and made her wait a full minute while mommy "went to the bathroom." Stormi knows a thing or two about patience because she wanted until mommy got back before digging into the chocolate.

"OMG how perfect! This would NOT be the case w Chi! Or especially Saint," Kim Kardashian commented.

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