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Kylie Jenner Claims She Is Dropping 'Quarantine Pounds' While Exposing Rock Hard Bikini Body!!

By Mike Walters

Kylie Jenner claims she has put on a few pounds like the rest of us during Coronavirus quarantine, but we are not sure we are buying what she is selling!

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star posted a throwback video of herself sporting a mind-blowing skimpy string bikini, but says it was taken back in January.

It appears the make-up mogul is trying to inspire herself to get back into the gym and drop a few lbs -- but by the looks of her recent IG posts, she looks perfect!

See The Photos!

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See Photos Of Kylie's Perfect Bikini Body!!


Kylie shared a smoking hot video of herself in front of her bedroom mirror, and it looks like she is trying on this masterpiece of a bikini.

But, the reality star joked, "ok cutting off these quarantine pounds starting tomorrow 😅😅😍" -- The video is tagged with the date, "Jan 11, 2020."

Ok, it's possible in the past few months Kylie has plumped up a bit like the rest of us, but if you follow her Instagram closely you would know she is flawless. Especially, her bikini body!

Take A Look!

'Cutting Off These Quarantine Pounds Starting Tomorrow'


If you recall, Kylie Jenner just bought a $43 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills and spent the next few months using it as a backdrop for blazin' hot bikini photoshoots!

In one mind-blowing shot, Kylie posed showing her entire backside in a tiny thong bikini, and captioned the sexy snap "Taco Tuesday."

The other issue is although KJ is already worth hundreds of millions of dollars, she is still only 22 years old! So, if she decides to drop a quick 10 spot -- we are guessing it will melt off in a few weeks. Oh, the good ole' days!

See Kylie's Sexy Snaps!

What Quarantine Pounds?! Kylie Looks Amazing!


To make our point, take a look at this photo (above) that was taken just FIVE days ago! She is drop-dead gorgeous -- plus looks to be in perfect shape!

Kylie crushed Instagram after posting this sexy shot of her sporting a new set of Gucci lingerie and a fresh blonde hairstyle!

Jenner may have been inspired by brother Rob Kardashian's new look, after he made a huge splash over the weekend, arriving at Khloe's birthday party looking like he has dropped a ton of weight.

Either way, she wins!

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