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Billionaire Kylie Jenner Pressured To Help Donate Towards Australian Wildfires

By Mike Walters

Kylie Jenner is well known for posting sexy photos on Instagram, but after sharing her latest batch, fans began flooding her with requests to help the ongoing crisis in Australia.

Kylie shared several photos while sporting new bright yellow hair and wearing a skin-tight grey dress. As you can imagine, she looks unbelievable. But, after posting the photos many of the comments didn't have to do with how hot she is...many are calling on the young Billionaire to donate and help with the ongoing Australian brush fires.

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Fans Ask Her To Help Australian Wild Fires


One person wrote, "did you know that close to a BILLION animals have died in the aus fires? Hello. As you may know, fires in Australia have reached a peak. Our nonprofit, through the help of donors, have pledged to donate 1 dollar per follower, 25 cents per story share, and 75 cents per like that we receive on this post. while it may not be much, anything helps during this time of peril."

Some of the messages sent to Kylie on Instagram are actual charities pointing her in the direction of where to donate, and some are just upset she isn't paying attention to the situation's importance.

"Australia is literally burning to the ground and all she cares about is which color she’s going to dye her hair next. If she loved her kid she’d actually do something about it because her daughter is going to have to suffer through this not her," a fan posted.

Fans Flooding Comments On Instagram


Another added, "you could seriously change the world with the money that you have. ridiculous."

To be fair, it's possible Kylie has already donated to the cause, or like many people in the U.S., we are learning about the situation as it unfolds. "Just so u know. Australia is burning. Donate some of ur money to them. Your a billionaire aren't u?" one of her fans commented.

Some people are outright upset and are flooding her social media with messages about spending money on material items when it could be donated to the cause, "Australia is on fire and all the "self-made billionaire" cares about is spending fortune on diamonds, fendi diaper bags, etc. for her one-year-old baby and plenty other hella expensive dumb sh*t... Great job," one angry fan posted.

Celebrities Donating To The Cause...

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Celebrities have started to spread the word about what is going on down under, and even a few have pledged large amounts of money to the cause.

Singer Pink recently tweeted, "I am totally devastated watching what is happening in Australia right now with the horrific bushfires. I am pledging a donation of $500,000 directly to the local fire services that are battling so hard on the frontlines. My heart goes out to our friends and family in Oz."

How To Help Donate...


'Jersey Shore' star Snooki posted, "What’s happening in Australia is truly devastating. I’ve been researching non-stop since the devastation happened & to learn around a billion animals have been affected is truly horrifying, along with homes being destroyed, lives being lost & the countless firefighters working endlessly. There are a ton of charities and organizations to donate to if you just take the time to research❤️ organizations that assist the fire brigade & wildlife! @celestebarber has a great organization as well! God Bless Australia ❤️🙏🏽 Leave all recommended charities in the comments below to let everyone know!"

To Help Donate to the Australian wildfires crisis....Click HERE.

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