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The Good Old Days

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

"Sons Of Anarchy" and "Mayans M.C." Kurt Sutter hearkened back to the old days on his Instagram account.

'Chibs' Makes An Appearance

Sutter shared a photo of Tommy Flanagan, left, who played Filip "Chibs" Telford. Flanagan is seen talking with Scott Glenn. Glenn originally played SAMCRO president Clay Morrow. (Ron Pearlman eventually played the character.)

Sutter wrote: "Chibs and the original Clay, the indomitable Scott Glenn. The word is out, [Tommy Flanagan] sits down with [Michael Irby] this Tuesday. Mythologies meet. Transitions are completed. Don’t miss it."

Whatever Works

Giphy | Mayans M.C.

Sutter posted the photo as a way to pump up interest in this week's episode of "Mayans M.C.," which ran last night.

This newest episode included cameos from "Sons Of Anarchy" stars like Chibs' Flanagan, Happy (David Labrava), Quinn (Rusty Coones) and Montez (Jacob Vargas).

Fresh Off a Firing

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Maybe Sutter doesn't have much else to do these days.

Sutter was recently fired from FX and Disney after complaints surfaced from cast and crew members from "Mayans," for being an "abrasive d-ck," although Sutter has other theories.

Sutter seems to think that it was "Disney culture" that led to his firing.

Sutter had been with FX since 2002, first working as a writer on "The Shield." He later created "Sons Of Anarchy." That show was a success from 2008 to 2014.

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