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1. Shocking News

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Kurt Sutter shocked Mayans M.C. fans when he announced ahead of the second season premiere that he would be stepping down as show runner should the show be renewed for a third season. The Sons Of Anarchy mastermind has been guiding the show since the beginning, and many worried that his particular flair would be lost in his absence.

2. Clarifying His Comments

However, Sutter took to Twitter to clarify his remarks, explaining that his creative partner Elgin James was more than ready to take the lead and that he would still be involved in a different capacity.

"What I actually said... (1 of 2) So as promised, it’s time for the white guy to leave the building... I will be stepping back as showrunner and handing the reins to my partner, Elgin James. I’ll still be involved in a producorial capacity..."

3. He Makes A Good Point

He continued, explaining that marginalized voices needed to be brought to the forefront, especially in a story like Mayans M.C..

"(2 of 2) ... but I’m really clear that for this show to establish its own mythology, one that I believe can be more potent and relevant than Sons, it has to be guided by a fresh voice. A voice of color, a voice still haunted by the struggle. That voice belongs to Elgin James."

Honestly, Sutter makes an excellent point. This is precisely the action that white creators should be doing to uplift the marginalized voices of people of color. They should be telling their own stories. Sutter will still be involved, so fans shouldn't be worried. Mayans M.C. is still in good hands.

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