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Kristoff St. John's Daughter Claims His Handwritten Will Is Not All in His Handwriting

By Daniel Goldblatt

The daughter of late "Young and the Restless" star Kristoff St. John is calling into question the validity of a handwritten will, claiming that parts of it are not in her father's handwriting.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Paris St. John is contesting a handwritten will her grandfather has been trying to get approved by the court.

Paris had filed an objection back in March but now she is going into detail about why she believes the will is invalid.

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She claims that "material provisions of the purported holographic will are not in the decedent's handwriting." Paris says she "believes certain other alterations and interlineations were made in someone other than the decedent's handwriting after his death."

In her filing, she points to one particular passage about a check and says "the handwriting of the above material provision differs significantly from and falls outside the normal, genuine, and known characteristics reflected in the handwriting of Decedent at or around the time in which the purported holographic will was allegedly executed."


Paris also believes the second page of the will has been removed and destroyed. She claims the second page of the handwritten will "begins mid-sentence and is not connected to the previous sequence of thought."

She also claims the handwritten will is inconsistent and does not address any real property St. John owned at the time of his death.

Paris is asking for the court to invalidate the handwritten will and deny its entry into the probate case.

A judge has yet to rule.


As The Blast first reported, St. John’s father submitted a handwritten will that called for his money to be divided up among his two daughters, Lola and Paris, with a split of 75% and 25%.

Paris filed an objection to the will, arguing it “was written inside a private diary and was not intended to be seen by third parties.”

In April, St. John's father submitted into evidence a text message from the soap to his then-girlfriend. The message read, "I’ve been up all night. I drafted a hand written [sic] will, just in case. Leaving Lola and Paris my savings. I’ve also left you something. In my nightstand, top drawer in the notebook, I left two checks. I made them out to you. You are to deposit these checks accordingly. Just in case.”

During a hearing in April, a judge ruled that Christopher St. John and Paris St. John were to be named Co-Special Administrators of the estate until a hearing in July.

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