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Some Upset With Cavallari

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Kristin Cavallari is facing controversy today after posting a 9/11 remembrance that some say is "insensitive."

Short Layover

On her Instagram page, Cavallari can be seen standing on a New York City street in a black, low-cut dress and heels.

"NYC for 24hrs. And what a time to be here..always remember," Cavallari said under the photo.

"Let me show off my body and then make a half ass remark about 911. WTF," said one viewer, cutting right to the chase.

Maybe Rethink Your Wardrobe Today

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Many commented on what Cavallari was wearing, saying the dress was inappropriate for the solemn day.

"Big fan of both you and your product, even visited your store when I was in Nashville this past year. But wrong photo with your message. A low cut black dress with a smile shouldn’t be your look for today. Maybe throw on jeans and a t shirt and go visit one of those fire stations. Pay your respects."

"Ok but the face the woman is making in the back is all of us," said cassiesarfati.

Seeking a Bit of Leeway For Cavallari

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But kilanehacia thinks people on social media should just chill when it comes to Cavallari's post.

"Hope y’all are doing your stretches before reaching this hard. Is no one in New York allowed to do anything but cry today? From the same people who host Memorial Day BBQs."

Comes With the Job

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Some, on the other hand, thought Cavallari hit the right notes for the situation.

"OH DEAR LORD. people questioning your outfit in this photo is what is wrong with our country. you were working today. that was your outfit. you posted a pic and asked everyone to REMEMBER... people suck. if you didn't post a pic you'd get s— and you get s— if you do... people need to pick better battles," wrote one.

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