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Kristin Cavallari Accuses Jay Cutler Of 'Manipulating' Her During Marriage In Divorce Battle

By Ryan Naumann

Kristin Cavallari says Jay Cutler tried to control her during their marriage by withholding money.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kristin is asking the court for help with her living situation. She is currently living in the home she shared with Jay. Kristin stays three days with the kids and switches off with Jay. She stays with a friend when Jay is at their home with the kids.

Kristin accuses Jay of blocking money to allow her to purchase a new home during their separation. She says Jay is constantly picking fights with her in front of their kids. The reality star fears the fighting will escalate as the divorce proceeds.


In newly filed documents, Kristin is adamant Jay wasn’t the only one bringing in money during their marriage. She claims to have “contributed significant to the wealth the parties have been able to accumulate” during their time together.

She claims Jay has “been controlling and manipulative throughout the marriage. The motion reads, “Husband wants to control whether Wife has access to funds to which she is entitled because he used these funds to manipulate Wife into doing what he wants.


Kristin admits they own several other properties, but Jay’s father occupies. Jay asked the court to deny Kristin’s request saying they have another $5 million Tennessee home available. Kristin claims that home has no internet and doesn’t work for her. A judge has yet to rule.

As The Blast previously reported, Jay field for divorce on April 21, seeking joint legal and physical custody of their kids. Kristin responded with a counter-complaint for divorce seeking primary custody. She accused Jay of “inappropriate marital conduct” during their marriage. She wants a cut of his NFL retirement money and monthly child support.

The former couple’s $5 million mansion is currently on the market.

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