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This Is Your Daily Reminder That Kristen Bell Doesn't Have Tattoos

Kristen Bell seems like a pretty "good" person. She appeared in NBC's "The Good Place," she has what seems like a good company that makes baby products, and in general, she does good things to help others whenever she can.

Being covered in tattoos doesn't seem like an attribute that fit her personality, but that was the rumor that began years ago.

This tattoo rumor has been kicked up again on the new social media platform TikTok, so it's important to emphasize, again, that Kristen Bell does not have tattoos.

Every One Of Her Tattoos Are Special To Her

Gotta cover up them thangs.
Funny or Die / YouTube

The tattoo joke stemmed from a Funny or Die video from January, 2012, which implies that Bell needs a lot of makeup to cover up her tattoos.

Bell points out the star tattoos on her face, a heart on her chest, and an image of a ISBN code. In one part of the clip, she appears to have lines that extend from the edges of her mouth (she says she was really into her headgear as a kid). And there's also the image of the guy from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

She also shows off tattoos of Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle, and said having them was “representing the duality of man."

"Let's just say I've accrued a lot of ink over the years," she says shyly in the clip.

Reach For the Stars, Kristen

Bell's seriousness about her tattoos was perfect for the video.
Funny or Die / YouTube

A makeup artist interviewed for the video says that Bell arrives on set around 3:30 a.m. The artist explained that it takes about 12-14 hours to cover all of Bell's tattoos.

Obviously, that statement is a red flag. Would it really take that long for a makeup artist to apply foundation, or coverup, or primer or whatever it is they use, to get stars camera-ready? Let's think about it.

But there's no way to prove or disprove the theory, so maybe that's why it's cropped up again. The Internet is cyclical, if nothing else.

Really Glad Those Things Aren't Real

She also sported Urkel tattoos as well as the Tasmanian Devil.
Funny or Die / YouTube

Now that that's out of the way, and since we're nearing Mother's Day, it might be a good idea to hear what Bell has to say about the motherhood. She has two kids, is founder of Hello Bello, a site that makes plant-based baby products, and is even going to become an author of a children's book.

Bell took part in an interview for the Motherly Podcast in March, and discussed possibly getting some mother-themed ink some day.

"I realized I've had maternal instincts my entire life, and I never labeled them as that, but I will,” she said.


"I mean, at one point I'm going to get a little back tattoo that says 'there's no such thing as other people's children' because there's just not, I mean, I believe it to my core because everyone you pass on the street was celebrated when they were born."

So Bell getting some ink is not entirely out of the question. Maybe all those fake tats she got for the video convinced her to try it out in the future?

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