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Kourtney Kardashian Taking a Break From 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' For More Important Things

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By Clarissa Wilson

For a while now, the oldest sibling from the Kardashian/Jenner family has been saying she has had the desire to leave the show. Now, she is reducing her role on the hit reality series, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" for much more important things in her life that need more of her attention right now.

What could be so much more important than being on this hit show with her family, right?

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Although the oldest sis, Kourtney has been totally vocal about her desire to leave the show for a while now, she has never followed through with it. However, now she is going through with it, at least reducing her appearances on the show to concentrate on much more important things that matter more to her in her life, her children.

The oldest KarJenner sibling is known on the show for her dry sense of humor and for how dedicated she is to her children.

With Kourt being so laid-back, this has been a source of disagreement between her and her sister, Kim Kardashian for a while now. Actually, for as long as the show has been on the air.

One thing is for sure, her fans have noticed how her family mistreats her on the show. Her fans have even expressed their feelings about the way her family mistreats her because of how she is so unwilling to compromise on the filming of the hit reality series.

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One thing is for sure though, Kourtney has had to take on single motherhood pretty quick since breaking up with her ex and the father of her children, Scott Disick. Once she and Disick did break up, her priorities have changed drastically and she is so dedicated to her children.

She is such a great mother and she knows that always being there for her children as they are growing up is the most important thing in her life at the moment. She would rather watch them grow with such intensity and be very involved in every aspect of their life than to be on a reality show that she has had the desire to leave for so long as it is now.


During the break-up with long-time boyfriend, Scott, and although Kourt is usually so uptight, she had taken on a new view of her life. While the rest of the KarJenner siblings were building their multi-billion dollar businesses, Kourtney chose to spend more time with her family and take more family vacations. After all, your children are only little once, right? Kourtney came to realize this and decided they are so much more important than any billion-dollar business or reality show ever could be.

Not only has Kourtney taken a much more active role in her children's' lives but she has also become a health and fitness guru, paying more attention to being as healthy and fit as she can be while pursuing this new passion in her life.

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Viewers of the reality show were able to see several clips where Kourtney expressed her desire to stop filming altogether to be able to pursue the more important things in her life, her children and her passion for health and fitness. Now, it looks like viewers will not be seeing much of Kourtney after all as she has gotten her wish to stop filming on the show to be able to do the things she prefers to do with her life.

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