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Kourtney Kardashian Roasted For Touting Feminine Wash Without Using The Word Vagina

Getty / Poosh
By Whitney Vasquez

Kourtney Kardashian is finding herself in a sticky situation after she attempted to promote feminine wash on her Poosh website without actually using the word vagina.

Fans are outraged that instead of the literal word, she used descriptions like "hoo-ha" to make it sound cute, as if to say vagina is a disgusting word.

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Fans Hate It:

Tons of followers are taking to social media and unloading on the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star for her attempt in avoiding the word.

Giphy | KUWTK

Others are just insulted that Kourtney's lifestyle brand seems to be insinuating that the word is something to be afraid of or shameful.

"It's called a VAGINA," wrote someone on Twitter, to which another person responded, "Ha! Yes! Isn't it ridiculous that we have so many 'shy' words for vagina but most people will comfortably say penis."

Giphy | Bunim/Murray Productions

Others are questioning whether she's even qualified to give advice on vaginal cleanliness.

Even OB/GYNs are not happy with the star and taking to Twitter to warn followers about the article.

She got shut down by one doctor in particular who wrote, "How about follow none of this advice."

She added, "feminine washes are a scam. I'm the expert. The end."


Giphy | KUWTK

Kourtney Kardashian has yet to speak out about the vagina issue, but don't expect her to.

A few weeks ago, she was praised after an untouched photo appeared on Poosh's Instagram page showing the reality star with stretch marks.

Despite having a team of people, who most likely posted the unedited snap on accident, Kourtney let what usually would be a FaceTuned pic slide.

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