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Kourtney Is (Almost) Always a Brunette

Relax. Kourtney Kardashian is most likely not actually blonde, though she posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a lengthy set of blonde locks.

Kourtney wrote "Her name is Daisy" underneath her IG photo, which seems mysterious, but really it might just be the name of the wig, as bizarre as that sounds.

Kardashian was seen snapping the pic inside her sister Kylie Jenner's house, which is confirmed since that photo of Barbie in the background was also seen in Jenner's home during an Architectural Digest photo shoot.

Temporary Blonde?

Giphy | E!

Kardashian told People back in 2017 that before the family became uber-famous, she experimented with the blonde look too, saying "I was blonde in high school for just like a month. I think I was in 11th grade or something."

From what she said in that story, it seems unlikely that she would just turn the page on her life as a brunette:

"I'm just a brown-haired girl. It just suits me. I like my dark hair."

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