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'Korn' Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Drummer David Silveria Over Music Royalties

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By Mike Walters

Rock band 'Korn' has settled their financial dispute with ex-drummer David Silveria, after the band sued him for causing them to lose out on proper payments of their royalties.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Korn and Silveria have entered into a settlement agreement and are dismissing the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Court.

We broke the story, Korn sued their former drummer for violating the terms of their breakup deal. Korn's original members, Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, Reginald Arvizu, and Brian Welch claimed they reached an agreement in 2006 with Silveria, after he left the band, to give up all his rights to royalties for one lump sum payment.

The Band Finally Squashed Their Beef

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But in 2018, the band claims Silveria contacted Sound Exchange, the company that handled the royalty payment, and claimed he was not being paid his cut of the money.

At the time, the band claims this was a direct violation of their settlement agreement, and because he made that call Sound Exchange stopped ALL payments to the band until the dispute was figured out.

Ex-Drummer Accused Band Of Not Paying Him Proper Royalties

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"Plaintiffs musical group Korn initiated this action against defendant Silveria, Korn's former drummer because Sound Exchange royalties were being withheld as a result of Silveria's notice of claim presented to Sound Exchange," the docs say.

Since the dispute, the band claims they have lost out in $290,000 in payments so far for their music. So, they filed this lawsuit against the ex-drummer for breaching the contract.

According to a new filing, "On November 14, 2019, the parties, through written email communications and confirmed by telephone, reached a settlement agreement, thereby resolving the underlying dispute pertaining to Sound Exchange royalties."

All Over...Back To The Music!


There was a slight hiccup in the settlement, a few days later a formal agreement was sent to both sides...but it didn't reflect the exact terms, "Thereafter, on November 27, 2019, (the band) forwarded a formal proposed settlement agreement to (Silveria), however, the proposed settlement agreement did not reflect the settlement agreement reached and confirmed on November 14, 2019."

The good news, the document states a revision was made and the parties were able to settle the case and "thereby enabling the parties to file a dismissal and conclude this litigation.

Now we can get back to just rocking out the band's dope music!

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