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Kodak Black Accuses Florida Police of Racial Profiling in Gun Case

By Mike Walters

Kodak Black and his legal team are questioning if the star rapper was a victim of racial profiling based on a new legal document giving details as to why a warrant was issued for him by police.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the probable cause affidavit for Kodak's warrant was filled out by a detective who has been in the press for shooting and killing a black man in Florida a few years back.

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The Blast

In the document, the officer claims, "On March 1, 2019 [officer] was at Lou's Police & Security equipment store, located at 7815 West 4th Ave, Hialeah, Florida, when [officer] observed Mr. Bill K. Kapri at the gun counter. Mr. Kapri was having a conversation with a gun sales clerk. [Officer] observed Mr. Kapri walk over to the sales register holding boxes of ammunition, as the sales clerk walked to the register with an open Sig Sauer box containing a rifle style firearm. As Mr. Kapri paid for the ammunition and a drum style high capacity magazine, he advised an unknown email sales clerk that he would be back to pick-up the gun he purchased."

He continued, "An investigation was later conducted and revealed that Mr. Kapri was attempting to purchase a Sig Sauer Rattler .300 pistol and left a $2000 deposit."

The investigators then did a background check and received a response that Kodak was denied and not approved to purchase the firearm.

Two months later, Kodak was arrested and charged with making a false statement in the acquisition and attempted acquisition of a firearm.


The issue Kodak and his team have with these statements is that it appears just based on seeing Kodak in the store, and viewing his movements, the officer decided to check into details of his purchase. Explaining why this would be something to check on, just based on looking at Kodak, is the issue.

A rep for Kodak tells us, "He says he observes him handling guns ... why is that a crime? Because he's black and has jewelry on? At that point, he doesn't even know anything is illegal ... It seems like a set up and profiling."

Law enforcement sources tell us that the Miami-Dade police were not the lead investigators in this case, they were just a part of a federal task force that made the arrest.

Kodak was taken to Miami-Dade lockup after being booked.


The officer in question, Det. George Eugene, was involved in a very high-profile killing of an African-American man where the family claimed he was not armed. According to reports, Det. Eugene opened fire and 22-year old Kentrill Carraway after police say he took out a gun.

At the time, the victim's brother claimed to be a witness to the shooting, saying, "He didn’t have no chance to pull out a gun. He had no chance to shoot a gun when he was laying flat on his back."

Police said at the time a gun was recovered at the scene.

It's unclear how the investigation into the shooting ended; The Blast reached out to Miami-Dade Police Dept. for comment but they did not respond.

Sun Sentinel

Kodak has been at odds with the department since he claims they took a picture of him while being booked a jail, and claims they "illegally" sent it to the media.

His rep says, "Then, when they arrest him three months later, they take photos with their phones of him in chains and send to the newspaper."

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