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Kodak Black Raps About Rough Toilet Paper In Prison Freestyle

By Chad Weiser

Kodak Black wants to get out of custody ASAP, because prison life is literally a pain the ass.

This weekend, the South Florida rapper recorded a freestyle rap on the prison phone and had one of his entourage members post the recording to social media.

While addressing his prison life, Kodak makes it a point to say that the "toilet paper too rough," and asks, "how about some Charmin in here?"

Among other things that chap Kodak's hide, he brings up his relationship wtih City Girls rapper, Yung Miami.

The verse begins by speaking about moving out of the projects and other influential events in his life them takes aim at Miami and boyfriend, Southside.

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"I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby," he rapped, alluding to the rapper's pregnancy with producer Southside, leader of 808 Mafia

He continued, "When I see her I'ma hit that bitch in her stomach / The way I keep my s--t too real, they say I'm fucking up my money."

Yung Miami had appeared in a music video with Kodak Black where he pretended to propose with a ring pop, and the two seemed to be in love. However, since he went to prison things ended and she's now with a new guy.

Southside heard the verse and had a short response for Kodak. “Somebody tell Kodak ‘suck a d--k,'” he said. “How about that. And get up out of jail first, p---y.”

This is the first freestyle we've heard from Kodak Black since he was arrested earlier in 2019, and it's unclear whether we'll be getting anymore from the rapper.


Kodak is behind bars for allegedly providing false information while applying for a firearm.

His charges stem from the fact that he reportedly checked "No" when asked on a form if he was currently under indictment for a crime. Kodak is facing charges for allegedly raping a high school student in South Carolina. His attorney maintains that the rapper's fault on the application was due to a misunderstanding.

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