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Kobe Bryant's Halftime Tribute By Jennifer Lopez & Shakira -- It Was There, You Just Missed It!

Gettyimages | Tom Pennington
By Mike Walters

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant during their outstanding Super Bowl halftime performance, the only issue is many fans missed the actual moment.

The tribute took place towards the end of Sunday's performance when Jlo's daughter, Emme, took the stage with her mom and sang her mom's hit "Let's Get Loud."

At that moment, a giant cross on the field illuminated in bright purple and yellow, to pay tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gigi. The colors signified the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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It Was There, Just Hard To Notice...

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

The duo had confirmed earlier in the week that they would be paying tribute to the NBA legend. Shakira said during a pregame press conference, "We'll all be remembering Kobe on Sunday and celebrating life and diversity in this country. I'm sure he'd be very proud to see the message we are trying to convey on stage that day."

Lopez said the moment would be "heartfelt" and said her fiance former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, was friends with Bryant.

The issue is many fans missed the moment during the broadcast and took to social media to let their voices be heard...

Fans Upset They Missed The Tribute

Gettyimages | TIMOTHY A. CLARY

A few people were very upset with the moment, saying, "So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira used that they were doing a tribute to Kobe Bryant as an excuse to get their views up during the halftime show not only that but then they proceeded to do NO Kobe Bryant tribute like they said they would...but are we surprised?"

Another added, "Okay I was low key butt hurt that shakira and JLo didn’t pay a tribute to Kobe BUT they did if you noticed when they were both on the stage it was purple and yellow.."

The Outstanding Performance...

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer

A few people even pointed out the way they believe it should have been handled, "What a beautiful & touching #KobeByrant tribute.😒I understand it was a late to plan something, I know the show takes weeks to put together, but that was weak AF. Would've been better to just put his pic up or something."

Besides the Kobe situation, critics deemed the performance was a huge success with both J.Lo and Shakira belting out their hits, and the beautiful singing by her daughter, Emme.

The game was pretty good too.

Take A Look At The Tribute...

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