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Vanessa Bryant Asks For Emergency Help With Kobe's Trust Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Gettyimages | Maxx Wolfson
By Mike Walters

Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, has filed emergency legal documents in the Los Angeles County Courts asking a judge to appoint a representative for her youngest daughter, Capri, so the baby can be added to Kobe's Trust. The family is asking for a rush, because of the Coronavirus outbreak and uncertainty of when the courts will be open and functioning.

In new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Vanessa Bryant is asking the judge appoint a guardian ad litem, to represent the 9-month-year-old's interest in her father's estate. This is very common in cases like this, where the minor children will have their own representatives in any court hearing having to do with the estate.

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Urgency In The Case Due To Coronavirus Outbreak


But, this case has become an emergency because Vanessa wants to get all her affairs in order now, and the Coronavirus outbreak could close the courthouses in Los Angeles, and it may take a long time to get the case resolved.

In the documents, Vanessa says "due to court closures caused by the global pandemic, uncertainty now exists with respect to the Court's continuing availability to calendar and process ex partes (emergency hearings) in advance of the May 28, 2020 hearing date. If the appointment of a GAL is delayed, it will necessarily delay the ultimate determination of the Modification Petition."

Kobe's Youngest Daughter, Capri, Accidentally Left Out Of Trust


We broke the story, Vanessa filed documents to modify Kobe Bryant's Trust because it accidentally didn't include his youngest daughter, Capri. According to the legal documents, Kobe had not yet updated it after his daughter was born. No one could have imagined he needed to do it in the first 9 months of her life.

"The material purpose of the Trust is to provide a fund for Kobe's wife and daughters of Kobe and Vanessa for their support, care, and maintenance and, at the same time, to provide protection for the Trust's assets so that the assets will be available for the benefit of Kobe and Vanessa's daughters, equally, upon Vanessa's death," the document says.

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Vanessa, who is a co-trustee with Kobe's agent Rob Pelinka, explains "The proposed modification furthers and supports the primary purpose of the trust. The First Partial Amendment makes clear Kobe's intent to provide for "any children of (his) marriage to Vanessa" in his trust. However, because it was drafted after the birth of Bianka, but before the birth of Capri...the Trust is silent with respect to Capri and her descendants."

In the new filing, Vanessa's lawyer says if it isn't rushed, "this will impair the effective administration of the Trust because a minor child's status as a beneficiary will remain uncertain, and it could further subject the Bryant family to extended media scrutiny."

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