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1. Posting Her Life Online

Few people are as influential online as Kim Kardashian West. Boasting 148 million followers on Instagram alone, West presents a curate image of familial perfection. While most of her Instagram posts are selfies promoting her show and her various business ventures, Kim also shares images of her four kids online as well.

2. Facing Backlash Again

She has faced backlash over pictures that she's posted of her children many times in the past, and the latest internet outrage is ignited again. She shared a picture of her daughters North and Chicago on a horse while they were on vacation in Wyoming and equestrians in her comments lost their minds.

3. People Are Very Angry

Many pointed out how unsafe it was that the girls were on a horse without helmets.

"Kimberly if you don’t put helmets on those babies’ heads RIGHT NOW I stg…"

"I don’t care if your kid is on the horse for .5 seconds you ALWAYS put a helmet on, never know what could happen. Basic equestrian rules"

"A lass at our yard got on one in the field today, no helmet and he chucked her off! Luckily just seems like she has a broken toe. You never know what could happen. Sick of seeing anyone without helmets on"

While these people definitely have a point, it was almost definitely a very controlled environment when that picture was taken. As with most things about Instagram, the images posted never show the full picture.

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