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Khloé Blames Kim Kardashian For Sleepless Night After Tarantula Spotting

By Whitney Vasquez

Khloé Kardashian couldn't sleep last night and it was all due to her older sister's hairy incident with a tarantula.

The Good American's founder posted to her social media that she had a sleepless night after Kim shared a scary moment when she came face to face with the 8 legged creature at the Hidden Hills home she shares with Kanye West on Wednesday night.

Khloé Reacts:


KoKo shared her frustrations early Thursday AM and directly blamed Kim's spider experience on her restless night.

"Kimberly's Tarantula photos had me up all night long!" she wrote. "I kept thinking there were tarantulas all over me."

The Spider:


Her sister mirrored the same feelings when she spotted the tarantula in her garage hours earlier.

And who can blame them? Look at the size of that thing!

"I won't be able to sleep tonight knowing this was in my garage," Kim wrote at the time.

She doesn't clarify how the spider was removed, but since she used was instead of is, we're guessing Mr. West was the hero.

Kim Freaks Out:

Giphy | KUWTK

Kim's tarantula appeared to be found in an empty box that was laying in the couple's garage of their family home.

The first snap the "Keeping Up With the Kardashian" star showed the spider minding its own business inside the cardboard box.

"What in the actual f---," Kim captioned the scary shot.

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