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Kim Kardashian Shamed For Getting North 2 More Dogs: 'You Don't Even Like Animals!'

By Whitney Vasquez

Kim Kardashian is taking heat after adding two new pets to the West household.

Fans are furious that the "KUWTK" star seems to have bought two Pomeranian dogs instead of adopting.

They're also confused as to why she'd get more pets when it seemed like she could barely take care of their first fur baby, Sushi.

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Kim posted photos of the new additions on Friday, introducing the pups to her fans and asking for help on names.

"Meet our new babies! We just need names!" she wrote.

According to Mrs. West, North likes "Saké" for the white puppy and either "Soba" or "Soy Sauce" for the dark one.

Kim Shamed:


While her comments lit up with fans giving name suggestions for the pups, several fans shamed Kim for her choice in getting purebreds.

"You, by your own admission, don’t even like animals! We both know it’s your staff who will be caring for and training those little pups, just like Sushi," one angry fan wrote.

They also said she was encouraging breeding instead of giving homes to pets in shelters.

"Announcing your purchase of two new Pomeranian pups will also drive many of your millions of followers to seek out Pomeranians to purchase as well," they stated. "There are plenty of shelter dogs that need care and support and a good home ... the breeders you got those dogs from don’t."

Pets Aren't Kim's Thing:

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

Kim hasn't had the best lucky with animals.

Years ago, Kanye West gave her a white cat named Mercy, but she gave it away to her assistant. Mercy died shortly after due to a rare stomach cancer.

"KUWTK" fans will remember Khloé got North a hamster which died in his cage.

His death caused Kim to scream at Khloé, "This kind of s--- I can't deal with. This is why you don't give someone a pet."

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