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Kanye West Admired Kim Kardashian's Nip Slip During Christmas Eve Party

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West was a satisfied customer at the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party after his wife let it all hang out during a sled run.

Kerwin Frost of the Spaghetti Boys just released a hilarious, behind the scenes recap of the winter bash, and included candid interviews with all the Kardashians and Jenners.

One of the highlights was Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top while sledding with Paris Hilton, and then frantically trying to cover everything up.

Kim thought she got away with the nip slip, but her husband Kanye saw the whole thing and made sure she fessed up to it. "We were on the hill ... and it all came out," Kim admitted.

"She had a nip slip at the Christmas party," Kanye said while busting out laughing. Then explained he's "satisfied" after the wardrobe malfunction and considers the party a success.

If you have the time to check out the 25 minute recap, it's a must watch.

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