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Kim Kardashian Offered $1 Million to Use Likeness for Virtual Sex

By Gary Trock

Millions of people may soon get the chance to be a superstar with Kim Kardashian, that is if she accepts a $1 million indecent proposal.

The Blast obtained an offer letter sent to Kardashian by a company called VirtualMate, which has created a device allowing users to have an interactive and immersive sexual encounter with a virtual person via the use of virtual reality and a digital contraption.

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The device, which is referred to as a "core," is said to provide a realistic experience, which VirtualMate promises will be the "bridge between virtual and reality."

The company claims their cores perceive "depth, speed, and strength," and respond in real-time.


VirtualMate has designed a slew of digital bodies for their customers, but admit that they get more requests for a Kim Kardashian version than any other celebrity.

In fact, they said to get upwards of 1,000 requests per month for Kim and would like to turn her into a VR sex partner.


The letter states, "First and foremost we need to get a licencing agreement in place," explaining that, "VirtualMate would like to offer Kim Kardashian $1,000,000 for use of her likeness."

If Kim agrees to the million bucks, VirtualMate says they will need to film the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star in a motion capture suit to get all her movements digitized.

The sex engineers also tout that they can create a "younger" version of Kim and a "current" version ... so that "fans can interact with either character or both at the same time!"

The units are currently on pre-order for $169 ... and a fundraiser for the project has already brought in over $92,000.

It's unclear if Kim will take the offer -- she probably won't -- but VirtualMate is hedging their bet by allegedly striking deals with other celebrities and famous faces.

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