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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going through a very rough patch.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian May Be Living Apart As Divorce Rumors Swirl

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By Emily Reily

The rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been living apart for some time now don't seem to be calming down. It seems they've been living under separate roofs weeks before West's Twitter rant blew up social media.

A source spoke to "Us Weekly" and said the two maybe see each other every month and a half.

The source explained their living situation:

"Kanye has been in Wyoming for the last year. Kim goes about once every five weeks and brings the kids. When together, things are fine between them but they haven't been spending time together because he moved his life completely to Wyoming and that's not where their life is, their family is, their kids are in school or the larger family is."

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The latest news their relationship is on the rocks comes soon after several events in West's life that gained public scrutiny. One was his recent claims that Kardashian wanted to abort their child during his first presidential rally, in South Carolina. Kim was reportedly "furious" that he aired such a personal statement.

Another was West's Twitter rants that Kardashian and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, were trying to get him "locked up."

But if they were considering a separation of some kind, it wasn't due solely to West's Twitter meltdowns. The divorce talk has been brewing for a while, at least over the last several months.


Kardashian apparently says she's "not leaving the relationship because of this current situation, but before this situation, over the last three months or so, they had been talking about divorce."

And another source says Kim "envisioned spending the rest of her life with him, but at this point, she has to get real for the sake of the family... the kids are the priority."

They have four children together: daughters North, 7, and Chicago, 2; and sons Saint, 4, and Psalm, 14 months.

According to a source cited by popculture, they are still in love and interested in keeping the marriage alive, but say there will be "no conversation" about divorce until West recovers from his recent bipolar episode and gets to a "better mental space."

A source spoke to People to say that Kardashian feels West isn't doing enough to work on the relationship, so that's another wrinkle to the problem:

"She isn't getting back what she needs from Kanye. She was to the point that she flew to Cody to basically tell him their marriage is over and to say goodbye."

Kim Kardashian is reportedly struggling with her relationship with Kanye West.
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On Friday, July 31, West sent out a couple more tweets, one of which was cryptic in nature:

"There is a tactic of 4 D’s Distract Discredit Dismiss To Destroy I am quite alright Take a second and think about what is being projected here"

Once again, it's a constantly evolving situation and we'll try to keep on top of it for you.

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