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Kim Kardashian's Late Sexy New Year's Pic Gets Backlash from Fans

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kim Kardashian knows how to push a product but sometimes her Instagram caption game is a little weak.

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star shared a revealing picture that featured her posing in her nude SKIMS underwear and nothing else on Wednesday but no all of her followers were a fan of the pic and her caption.

"A little late but Happy New Year," Kim wrote in the caption of her scantily clad post.

Keep scrolling to check out the pic.

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Better Late Than Never?


"Happy New Year" is the best she could come up with? Several followers jokingly shamed the star for her stale caption.

"A little late GIRL ITS THE 8TH LMAO," one follower noted while another said, "Kim you’re very late."

Not everyone was upset and some of her fans forgave her for the delayed wish. "No worries! Happy new year to you too!" a forgiving fan wrote while another commented, "just a week honey you’re fine."

When is it too late to say "Happy New Year?"

Too Sexy?


Many fans were annoyed by her 8-day late happy New Year comment but there are some who did not like the content at all and attacked her for allegedly touching up her pic.

"everything is fake in this picture. Body is retouched with photo shop and she makes her eyes and lips bigger," one fan commented.

Other users commented on the sexual nature of her post. "I opened my phone in public and this is what comes up," a flabbergasted follower wrote.

Another fan wrote, "i thought she said she was done posting like these." One user replied by saying that she won't quit selling products with thirst trap photos "until she hits 1billion dollar mark."

Kanye recently got upset over Kim's habit of posting sultry shots online so her followers questioned her about what he thinks about her nude new post.

"Kanye is going to be upset 😂 🔥🔥" one user asked.

Toned Down... Until Now


If you take a look at Kim's social media from the past few weeks, you can tell that she toned the sex appeal down a bit until her latest thirst trap. Don't get us wrong, she still looked beautiful in all the shots she has shared but there have been more sweats and comfy clothes popping up on her feed.

"Finally you removed those hideous sweats of yours," one follower commented on her sultry snap.

Kim knows the secret of advertising though... sex sells. It is nice to see her express herself and her shapewear company in any way she sees fit. Keep doing you, girl!

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