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Kim Kardashian's Daughter North Poses With Giant Spider On Her Head

By Jeff Mazzeo

There is something up with Kim Kardashian's daughter North West's hair... wait is that a giant TARANTULA!!!

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star shared some wild snaps to Instagram that showed 6-year-old North getting up close and personal with some creepy crawlers. The stars of Animal Planet's show, "Brave The Wild" paid Kim and the kids a visit ahead of the premiere episode.

"My fearless kids love animals 🕷💋🐊🐍🐜🦂🦥 North & her friends loved spending the day with her wildlife hero @coyotepeterson and his animal friends!" Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

She's So Brave!


Wildlife educator Coyote Peterson and crew brought several animals for North and friends to enjoy and experience first hand. She appeared to be the bravest because she let the giant spider walk all over her head and was hyper-focused on the large snake.

"So brave!!🥺 north is gorgeous!" a follower commented while another said, "She look just like you Kim 😍."

Her cousins, Penelope and Reign joined the fun and Kourtney's youngest did his part and held up the midsection of the big snake... we are not really sure snakes have midsections but you get the point.

Fans Go Wild


Kim's millions of followers were super into the wild pics and sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"omg i thought that was just north’s hair style at first," one shocked fan admitted. Another commented, "North is living out my dream."

Still, many fans mentioned that the 6-year-old is a lot braver than them.

"North brave as hell with that tarantula on her head," an impressed follower wrote.

Several others stated that Kim is doing a fantastic job raising her children.

"You’re a good mom Kim...don’t let anyone tell you any different," a supportive fan declared.

We have never had the opportunity for a famous animal educator to bring snakes and spiders over to our house but we are not too sure that we would get as close as North did.

Kim Recently Opened Up About Surrogacy


Just last week, Kim explained her surrogate process and discussed that she used a "surrogate therapist" before the birth of her daughter, Chicago in a clip obtained by E! News. The bombshell was revealed during her recent appearance on divorce attorney Laura Wasser's new podcast, "All’s Fair."

“So, for my first one, I didn't need it for my second one because I kinda knew the drill, you get your surrogate attorney, you get your surrogate broker,” Kim said. "The broker recommended that we use a therapist that would communicate with me first and then communicate with her."

"[The therapist] would suggest, 'Hey, I think you guys should communicate once a week through text, maybe on Mother's Day... she's a mother as well, maybe get her a massage or something that's appropriate for her... to pamper her," Kardashian detailed.

She continued, "Things like going through the birthing plan so that if anything was uncomfortable that she [the therapist] would be that buffer to say, 'This is who I want in the room. What are you comfortable with? How does this work?'"

When it comes to her family, Kim does not hesitate to pull out all the stops whether that means using a special therapist or pulling some strings to get Animal Planet stars to entertain your children. She seems like a pretty good mom to us!

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