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Kevin Hart Alleged Sex Tape Co-Star Will Point Fingers at Extortionists

By TheBlast Staff

The woman featured in the tape of Kevin Hart, which is currently at the center of an extortion investigation, is claiming she too is a victim and is willing to identify everyone to cops who she thinks may be involved in the plot against the comedian.

Montia Sabbag is the woman identified in the tape laying with Hart while both are fully clothed. She is the common theme in the entire video and is featured in every scene and location in the tape. She says she is not the person trying to extort Kevin and is now willing to point fingers at others who she thinks may be involved in setting up the comedian.

Sources close to Kevin Hart tell us that Sabbag immediately hired an attorney around the time Hart was first contacted and offered a chance to purchase the alleged sex tape. We're told the lawyer she used was inexperienced in dealing with both the nature and high-profile status of the case.

Sabbag is sticking to her story that she had no clue she was being videotaped, but says she may know who was behind it. The problem is that cops don't believe her innocence and she is currently one of the key suspects.

As we previously reported, all the evidence has led investigators to believe multiple suspects, including Sabbag, orchestrated an elaborate plan to catch Hart on tape and then extort him.

We're told the Los Angeles County District Attorney is leading the charge on the case and spoke with Hart yesterday along with a forensic specialist from the Cyber Crime Division. The conversation lasted roughly an hour and a half and focused on questions to help investigators narrow down their search.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Sabbag hired a new attorney, Lisa Bloom, and will speak at a press conference today to address her involvement with the tape and Hart. It's unclear how her new attorney will handle the case going forward.

Keep checking back, we'll blast it to you when the conference goes down.

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