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Kevin Hart Sued Again By Alleged Sex Tape Partner For $60 Million

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Mike Walters

Kevin Hart is being sued again by an alleged sex tape partner for $60 Million dollars claiming he conspired to intentionally leak a sex tape of the two of them for publicity. The woman is now taking the case to a Los Angeles County Court, and accusing the comedian of similar issues.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Montia Sabbag is claiming she was unknowingly filmed inside of Kevin Hart's hotel room while being intimate with the actor.

In the suit, Sabbag claims she "engaged in private sexual relations with Hart, in Hart's private bedroom suite at the Cosmopolitan." She adds, "unbeknownst to (her) and without her knowledge or consent, she was filmed naked from the waist down while she engaged in private sexual relations with Hart.

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Comedian Kevin Hart Facing Another Legal Battle Over Alleged Sex Tape


In the lawsuit, Sabbag claims one of Kevin Hart's friends, Jonathan Jackson, was given access to KH's hotel suite and set up a hidden video recording device that "ultimately recorded the video."

As we reported, Monta Sabbag filed a similar case in Federal court, that Kevin Hart has being trying to get dismissed after she failed to serve him properly.

In this case, she again accusing the comedian "conspired" with Jackson to intentionally record her naked and engaged in sexual relations with Hart for "the purpose of obtaining a tremendous financial benefit for himself, including "(a) the benefits obtained through the additional publicity and media attention the VIDEO garnered, which in turn helped to promote his Irresponsible Tour, which was a record-breaking comedy, and (b) to increase his overall pop culture status, which is further evidenced by the release of his Netflix documentary entitled Don't F**k This Up.

Woman Is Suing Kevin Hart For $60 Million

Gettyimages | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

At some point, the video made it's way to an internet site and Sabbag claims she did not "authorize or consent to any person or entity recording, intimate acts depicted in the Video, storage of the Video, the editing of the Video or the dissemination of the Video.

The woman is suing for $60 MILLION claims she continues to suffer from "tremendous emotional distress." She claims her "life was turned upside down" by this incident and continues to suffer damage to her reputation, embarrassment, and humiliation.

Kevin Hart Denies Having Involvement With The Alleged Filming And Release Of Tape

Gettyimages | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

As we reported, Kevin Hart denies having anything to do with the recording and reported his friend to law enforcement who are now prosecuting him for his involvement in the ordeal.

Hart has made it clear, he would not have taken part in something that harmed his family in such a way just for publicity. At the time, Kevin addressed the situation by apologizing to his wife and speaking to his fans about the incident on Instagram.

It's unclear if the Federal case will be dismissed, or if Sabbag is just refiling the case in a different venue.

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