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Kevin Hart Sex Tape Scandal: See The Actual Evidence Of The $5 Million Demand

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Mike Walters

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office dismissed the extortion charge against Kevin Hart's former best friend JT Jackson, and we've obtained a copy of the cash demand at the center of the criminal charge and sex tape scandal.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, prosecutors were given an Instagram message that was deemed to be an extortionist threat to the actor.

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The Blast

"Give me $5 Million or I'm releasing the video. No need to make this go public. You had your chance," the message read.

Gettyimages | James Gourley

Using this information, the district attorney was able to obtain search warrants for the identity of who was behind the account.

Also, they used similar information to raid the home of JT Jackson, the alleged suspect behind the demand.

The belief by investigators was that the accounts were somehow related or operated by JT Jackson or people working with Hart's friend.

The Blast

According to our sources, it turned out the message itself was in the comment section of Instagram and associated to a video apology made by Hart to his family.

Plus, it turns out the account "misterjood," was actually a person in New Jersey who was just trolling the actor.

Jackson's legal team even reached a commenter who reacted to the threat, who was a young man in Texas. Jackson's team says none of these individuals are connected to him.

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

The Blast broke the story, upon learning the threat came from an online troll, the DA dropped the extortion charge against Jackson and filed documents admitting the theory about the Instagram didn't pan out.

Sources close to Kevin Hart tell us, there is still a mountain of evidence that JT Jackson was involved in the illegal filming of the sex tape and its attempted sale. Just not over Instagram.

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin

Jackson is still facing several felonies including obtaining the sex tape as stolen property, and trying to sell it.

We're told several demands were also made via email, and prosecutors believe they have good evidence the IP address behind the emails is Jackson.


Kevin Hart was sued for millions of dollars for allegedly orchestrating the entire sex tape scandal for publicity for his comedy special.

Hart has denied any involvement, and has maintained he is victim in all aspects of this case .

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