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Kevin Hart Calls Charges For Officers Involved In Death Of George Floyd an 'Amazing Display Of Justice'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kevin Hart has found some relief now that all four officers involved in the death of George Floyd face charges.

The "Jumanji" star shared his initial thoughts after news broke that the three other officers now face second-degree unintentional murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter charges. Hart posted a screenshot of a news article and celebrated the fact that some justice may no be served. While breathing a sigh of relief, he noted that his community and he still "have a lot of work to do."

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Kevin's Initial Reaction


Hart, who has been very vocal about wanting the officers charged, took a moment to recognize how strong the voices of the people are.

"This is an amazing display of justice....This is a step in the right direction," the comedian wrote in the caption of his post.

"We still have a lot of work to do tho....Our voices are strong when we use them together. Let’s continue to push & fight to end racism people....our world will be a much better world without hate in it. Let’s remove it damn it. Enough is enough."

Worried About The Future


The actor was becoming more and more agitated the longer it took for charges to be brought down on all four officers. Recently, she shared a picture of his son and him playing, and while the photo was cute, his message expressed his fear for his son's future.

"As a father I’m worried about the future of our next generation of black men & the generations after that & the ones after that. If we do not do our job right now & do what we can to have a law put in place to help us feel protected in these streets then this type of crime will continue to happen without a worry in the world," he wrote.

"We deserve the right to feel safe," Kevin continued. "Consequences to such ridiculous acts should be immediate and known by all. 20yrs in prison or life in has to be something....the other officers present that don’t stop or prevent these acts should get time as well....SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! Point blank.... Enough is Enough!"

Holding The Media Accountable


Hart was disheartened every time he turned on the news and the focus of the coverage was the chaos and destruction caused by the looting. He recorded a special message that encouraged the media to remember what the core issue is, "another man died at the hands of a police officer."

"Be apart of the solution....not the problem," he captioned his plea to media outlets. "Push the correct narrative. There is a reason that all of this is happening....Don’t ignore or slide away from the reason!!!!!! Enough is Enough."

High Praise For CA Governor


The star recently praised the governor of California, Gavin Newsom for his comments about the cause of the looting and destruction happening around the country. Newsom said, "the black community is not responsible for what's happening in their country right now -- we are, we are."

Kevin appreciated the Governor's comments and urged other leaders to consider his sentiment.

"Powerful...More Governor’s & Mayors need to follow this lead. Take accountability & be apart of the change. We need new laws....we all know that the system is flawed....Let’s take action & create the CHANGE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH," Hart wrote while sharing Newsom's powerful quote.

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