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Kevin Garnett Ordered to Pay $100,000 a Month in Child and Spousal Support

By Daniel Goldblatt

Kevin Garnett and his estranged wife are still fighting over money in their divorce but in the meantime, KG will be cutting her a hefty monthly check.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the former NBA star was ordered to pay Brandi Garnett $100,000 a month to cover both child and spousal support.

The order is only in effect until they hammer out a permanent deal.

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As The Blast first reported, Brandi was seeking 46,000 a month in child support, estimating that she will have the kids 95% of the time. She was also asking for another $146,000 in spousal support and then another $300,000 to cover her legal fees.

In the new ruling, Brandi got the $300,000 she was asking for (of which KG has already paid $75,000) and an additional $225,000.


Brandi filed for divorce earlier this year. She is seeking physical custody of the former couple's two kids, Kapri and Kavalli.

Kevin filed his response to her divorce filing in February, asking for joint legal and physical custody of the kids.

He also asked the court to terminate spousal support for Brandi, citing a prenup the couple signed a month before the marriage.

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Brandi is figthing the prenup, calling it "unconscionable" and arguing that Kevin violated the terms of the agreement.

She claims the prenup essentially stated that "almost everything would be his" and she would only receive "an initial payment of S500,000 or S1 million."

According to Brandi, Kevin was supposed to fund a joint account that was to be worth $12 million and that she would receive half if they ever part ways. She says the account had nearly nothing in it when they separated. Brandi believes that by not funding the account, he has breached the terms of the agreement.

Brandi also says the prenup called for her to receive no spousal support.

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