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On Thursday, singer Kesha suffered a setback in her legal fight against record producer Dr. Luke, also known as Lukasz Gottwald.

A Supreme Court judge ruled that Kesha (also known as Kesha Rose Sebert) had defamed Dr. Luke when she sent a text message to Lady Gaga, saying that he had raped Katy Perry.

“Perry unequivocally testified that Gottwald did not [rape her]. In response, Kesha has not raised a triable issue. There is no evidence whatsoever that Gottwald raped Katy Perry, or that Katy Perry, whose sworn testimony is unrefuted, must not be believed," said Judge Jennifer Schechter.

Kesha was also ordered to pay $374,000 for late royalty fees.

Dr. Luke's lawyer, Christine Lepera, released a statement, saying:

“Today’s important decision by the court in Dr Luke’s lawsuit brings him closer to the justice that he seeks … Dr Luke looks forward to the trial of his case where he will prove that Kesha’s other false statements about him were equally false and defamatory.”

Kesha's legal team will reportedly appeal the decision, and released their own statement:

"Judge Schecter issued rulings today on motions for summary judgment in the Dr. Luke litigation," they said in a statement. "We disagree with the Court's rulings. We plan to immediately appeal."


Fans have come out in support of Kesha in light of this new ruling, just like they have since she first claimed Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her. The hashtag #FreeKesha has been reactivated, with many sending their love to her, and voicing their frustration with the legal system.

"The fact that we still have to tweet #FreeKesha in 2020 when there's so much evidence against dr. Luke...the justice system is failing us yet again making other survivors of sexual assault scared to come out and tell the truth," wrote @HAUSSUXX on Twitter.

Kesha's Fans Have Her Back

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"Unfortunately Dr Luke has won his defamation lawsuit against Kesha. We are all sending our love to her while she’s going through this difficult time. No survivor of sexual assault should ever have to pay anything to the person who abused them," wrote @KeshaCrave.

"Imagine having to pay your abuser $370k because “you defamed said abusers’ character”. I’m sick. #FreeKesha," tweeted @sheroseslowly.

"Please don’t let this discourage any sexually abuse victims to come and share their story. You are strong. You are important. #FreeKesha," said @stephysuxx.

Court Cases Have Been Going On For Years

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In 2014, Kesha sued Dr. Luke, saying he sexually assaulted as well as emotionally abused her. Her case was dismissed in 2016.

Dr. Luke then filed a countersuit in which he claimed breach of contract and defamation.

A separate trial will be held to determine whether Dr. Luke sexually assaulted Kesha.

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