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Kendall Jenner Sticks Out Her Lingerie Clad Tush For ‘Did My Makeup’ Selfie

By Jeff Mazzeo

It means a lot these days when someone puts in the effort to look nice and Kendall Jenner treated her fans to an eyeful!

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star got all glammed up on Tuesday and shared a sultry selfie to her Instagram feed. Kenny showed off her slim frame with perfect curves as she lounged on her bed. She wore a see-through, one-piece black babydoll that was super revealing. The model laid on her stomach to make sure she didn’t expose too much and violate Instagram’s code of conduct.

"did my makeup n stuff,” Kendall wrote in the caption of her post.

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'Rare Kendall Content!'


Nobody was more excited to see Kendall's post more than her sister, Kylie Jenner.

"Kendall!!!!!" her sis exclaimed. "this is rare kendall content !!!!!!"

Khloe was pretty stoked too and commented, "Wow wow wow."

Kenny’s hot shot prompted the famous Kardashian hairstylist, Jen Atkin to ask, “Ummm who you zoomin’ with?” While Jenner didn’t respond, Hailey Bieber chimes in and said, “me.” Lucky girl!

Her millions of fans were also pretty thrilled with Kendall’s selfie.

"ugh SWOOOON miss you,” one excited fan commented, while another said, “Screensaver.”

She Gets It From Her Mama


Kendall reminded the world where she got her good looks from by sharing an old video of her mom, Kris Jenner playing tennis in a tiny, pink bikini. Kris showed her fantastic form by displaying her forehand and backhand. Now that's Love!

"love your m🌎ther @krisjenner,” Kendall wrote in the caption of her Mother’s Day tribute post.

It's as clear as day that Kendall got her long legs and model good looks from mom after watching the classic memory.

You Bet She Misses The Met


The model has been pretty silent on social media since the whole stay at home thing first started (hence Kylie's rare Kendall content comment) and she missed out on events that she looks forward to every year. Like many other celebrities, Kenny shared some throwback pictures from Met Galas in the past. Her pics featured some of her fantastic outfits and many of them featured her flipping off the camera. Kylie got in on some flipping the bird thing... these sisters are so silly.

It's A Dog's World


The star has been getting a little fresh air when she walks her giant Doberman Pinscher... or the dog walks her. We are not sure who is really in charge. Last month, fans were lucky to get a little taste of that rare Kendall content when she posted her causal walk. She wore gray sweat shorts and a matching sweatshirt while her pooch had a cute blue leash that went great with her dark, black coat. Which is the princess?

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