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Kendall Jenner Saddles Up A Sultry Bikini Cowgirl Selfie

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kendall Jenner is "Bangin' out West!"

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star showed off her curvy hat on Saturday. Kenny looked fantastic in her tiny, floral bikini that was barely lassoed on. She stuck her hips out to one side as she snapped the sultry mirror selfie. her cute cowboy hat really hogtied the outfit together but the point of the pic was to flaunt her flawless figure. Her waist is small but her bathroom looks huge! Some may find it hard to focus on her washroom decor.

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'Bangin' out West'


Kenny's hips don't lie and either do her millions of fans because they were very open and honest about how good she looked in that cute suit.

"She‘s fire 🔥 the bikini is insane," one impressed fan wrote, while another said, "This body. 💫✨💗"

Summer is in full swing and Jenner is finding ways to have fun. She has figured out that the best way to beat the heat is to wear as little clothing as possible... and wear a hat!

4th Of July Shenanigans


The young model spent a good portion of her 4th of July holiday vacation in a swimsuit. You got to admit it, blue is definitely her color! She had a bikini boat party with friends, climbed a few rocky hills in Utah, and socially distanced while watching some fireworks.

"hi!" she simply captioned her vacation recap post.

Kris Jenner, for one, enjoyed seeing what her daughter was up to while away from the family and she commented, "Cuteness 💕💕💕."

Know Your Audience


Jenner knows a thing or two pushing products and she did her little sis, Kylie Jenner a solid last month by collaborating on some new makeup. She showed off her unreal figure via the pics and her dry sense of humor via the caption of her post.

"wearing KENDALL X KYLIE makeup collab and not much else," Kenny joked.

We are kinda digging her outfit more than the makeup but that's just us. As we said, she knows her audience and that's a beautiful thing!

Dog Lover


Do you know those dogs that kinda resemble their owners? Well, Kendall's cute pooch matches her style, personality, and body type perfectly. She recently celebrated her dog's photogenic tendencies by sharing pics of the dynamic duo on lavish vacations.

"raising a model," Kenny wrote in the caption of her post.

Her doggie received a lot of attention and even got noticed by the Dogfather himself.

"Snoop dogg should be this Dogg’s name 💙💙," Uncle Snoop Dogg commented.

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