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Plastic Surgeons Weigh In On Kellyanne Conway's Drastic New Look

Getty/Fox News
By Ryan Naumann

Kellyanne Conway debuted a refreshed new look which caused many to wonder if the senior Trump adviser might have gone under the knife.

Earlier this week, Kellyanne made an appearance on Fox News looking like a brand-new woman. One person on Twitter wasn’t mad about the possible work writing, “Honestly, shout out to the doc that did Kellyanne Conway’s Botox and/or filler. They did the Lord’s work and did it well!”

“Looks like Kellyanne got some work done - she looks great and about 15 years younger...Now all she needs is a better husband,” said one fan.

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Fox News

The Blast spoke to renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Frank Agullo and Dr. Michael Obeng to get their take on Kellyanne’s new look. Neither have worked personally with Kellyanne.

Dr. Frank Agullo tells us, “Definitely seems like she had a full face lift, including the temporal area, neck lift. Accompanied by upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).”

He added, “Her expression is more youthful most likely because she had fat injections to full face as well as lips. Her complexion seems rejuvenated probably due to Botox and skin resurfacing along with tightening.”

Dr. Michael Obeng believes Kellyanne had a brow lift along with a lower eyelid life and possibly a face and neck lift. He says, “She looks more plump on the cheeks and that can be achieved with Fat grafting to cheeks.”


Many on Twitter agree Kellyanne got a little work done. One person asked, “How many virgins did Kellyanne Conway kill to bathe in their blood for this photo?”

“KellyAnne Conway had a ton of fillers added to her cheeks and jaw, as well as laser resurfacing and an eye lift. She did the Ivanka treatment (change your whole face)” said a troll.

One person didn’t hold back his feelings on the matter, “I really don't care what KellyAnne looks like on the outside The Satan loving putrefied stench of rotting maggot infested corpses that spews out of her mouth, along with that stone-cold petrified heart...are all that matters to me As my niece said - "She ugly on inside"

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