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This Escaped Her Notice For 11 Years

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

Daytime talk-show host Kelly Ripa says she just found this detail in her house, even though she's lived there for 11 years. It does seem rather difficult to believe she hasn't seen this item before, but okay.

Ripa says she just found a full-length mirror behind her bedroom door, and posted a picture of her using said mirror.

"Not big on fashion selfies, but I’ve lived in this house for 11 years and JUST discovered a full length mirror behind the bedroom door. Plus I like this outfit... [TBT] Yesterday," she wrote.

Holiday Selfie

Ripa shared a photo of herself wearing a red skirt, gray top and silver shoes. She also tagged the SJP Collection, which is Sarah Jessica Parker's line, and Christopher Kane, a Scottish fashion designer.

Someone named Sandy wasn't a fan of Ripa's outfit, saying, "Purple and red? Not my each their own."

Ripa corrected her, saying, "The top is gray Sandy. Now do you approve?"

Kelly Ripa doesn't come to play.

Kelly Ripa / Instagram

Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, celebrated the holidays somewhere "in the mountains," as Fox News reported, and called the photo of the two of them on a ski lift, "Naughty and Nice."

The couple also shared pictures of presents their kids had given them for Christmas.

For example, their son Joaquin, 16, gave Ripa a painting of the moon at night, while Consuelos received a painting of some snow-covered mountains. Ripa called Joaquin their "favorite third child."

The family's holiday Instagram card was a selection of casual family portraits filled with Ripa's comedic facial expressions.

It also seems Ripa took the pictures herself with a timer, because a couple of the photos look like she had just set the timer and was trying to get into the photo before the shutter clicked. She was only partially successful with her experiment.

While most wore black and white colors, Joaquin wore a blue velvet suit jacket Under the card they wrote: "With love, The Consuelos Family Mark, Kelly, Michael, Lola and Joaquin (Chewie not pictured)."

Ripa's Always Down To Earth

The family definitely makes an effort to stay close-knit, though Ripa isn't shy about talking about her kids.

Lola and Michael are now of college age, and since Hollywood was rocked by that college admissions scandal, Ripa thought she'd put her two cents into the conversation recently, specifically about test-taking.

"Let me tell you something. As a parent who has gone through this process twice so far, test-taking is a nightmare. It is so exhausting ... for the student, for the parents, for everybody involved. Particularity if you are my kids' tutor, I would think it would be exhausting for you as well. You look at this and you go, 'If you have the money to afford a tutor, you already have an advantage.' "

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